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David Shestokas  - The People's Lawyer 


Have been primarily illegal, entirely unethical and executed with driven determination. 

Illinois leadership and thru the ranks has worked to usurp our freedoms.With the stroke of the current Attorney General’s pen, they simply pretended to have power that does not exist. It was that Attorney General, with fake authority,  on behalf of the governor in court that shut down schools, businesses and churches. Families separated, friendships broken and businesses closed. Illinois citizens fled to states where government acts lawfully and protects citizens from lawlessness. 

The Attorney General in Illinois is the chief law officer in the state.  Crime is out of control ... no lengthy explanations needed, but for the dogged drive of County Attorney Generals who have disabled law and order by refusing to prosecute hard and known criminals.  David will take the same stance as the newly elected Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares has stated: “If your local … prosecutor won't enforce the law, I will.”

David will defend citizens' protection from all forms of crime. . . including heinous personal and property,  regulatory abuse, and against dishonesty in elections. 

Make Crime Illegal Again

The critical importance of the Illinois Attorney General to Illinois and the rest of the country –

Election Oversight as Illinois Attorney General  The Illinois Attorney General Act directs that it is to prosecute election offenses. 

David as AG will keep this principle a priority of his office. People must know their votes count and the election is lawful. It is critical to providing legitimacy to everything else that government does. This function will have crucial implications for the 2024 election.  

Dave’s first hand inside elections background is unmatched (BIO).  He is already working to abate nefarious election activities perpetrated on our citizens with schemes of voter fraud in Illinois

David Shestokas has a plan to unburden freedom loving Illinois citizens.  The IL Attorney General Act defines as the First Duty of that office: - To appear for and represent the people of the State”

David has a career of defending our rights, taking these words by their plain meaning:  The Attorney General represents the people of the State, not the Governor, the Department of Public Health, the Board of Elections, the Board of Education, etc. but The People.


David, a constitutional attorney, has challenged the courts representing the complaints of the people, civic and charitable organizations (often pro bono). His career proves dedication of long protecting you and our rights in the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions. He is ready to take on role of Attorney General. Illinois justice demands as much. To protect and fight for your rights, as parents, church members, business owners; To protect your 2nd Amendment rights; To protect the babies; To protect your right to voice your opinion - To be your legal representative.


We need a leader to rebuild and restore Illinois to freedoms of faith, family, and education, for parents, seniors, youth, young adults and veterans.  The state of Lincoln. Illinois residents demand results for a better and honest government. Vote for David Shestokas on June 28th ensuring these results. Restore our freedoms. This is the year, this election, choose a man of action so you can finally live with safety, security and prosperity knowing your attorney works everyday to protect you!

David Shestokas
Candidate for Illinois Attorney General

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