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Make Crime Illegal Again  - More than a slogan, a

PROMISE: Dave's Plan Begins on his First Day in Office: 

  1. Reprioritize staff attorneys that their first duty is to represent the people, not the government. Expand the AG Public Integrity Bureau to include citizen referrals of Official Misconduct.

  2. Reassign Assistant Attorneys General to monitor and when necessary initiate prosecutions when local states attorneys don't. (i.e. Kim Foxx Cook County, Eric Rinehart Lake County, and across the state.)

  3. Create a Law Enforcement Liaison Office and hotline to alert the OAG of local prosecutors' neglect.

  4. The Illinois Attorney General Act also directs that it is to prosecute election offenses. David as AG will. It is critical to providing legitimacy to everything else that government does.

Contribute Today 

Donate $27.00 (we reach an additional 3,000 people!) to help activate the plan to Make Crime Illegal Again,  have safer communities, and an Attorney General that represents YOU. Shestokas for AG, the most important office for you, your family, your business, churches, schools, and the future of Illinois.  Thank you! 

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