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David Shestokas America and God (Watch)

"We’ve talked about the lack of common sense in the world. Thomas Jefferson said, 'This is the object of the Declaration of Independence, not to find new principles, or arguments never before thought of, not merely to say things which had never been said, but to place before mankind – the common sense of the subject in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent.'  It was intended to be an expression of the American mind. That is what Jefferson was attempting to do - expressing the American mind. 10,000 years of human history before that the world had always been ruled by czars and by kings, and by emperors, by sultans, essentially some sort of monarchical organization around the crude exercise of power.  Never before in human history was there anything put together about the consent of the governed.  That is something that we did.  The world was not the same on July 5, 1776, as it was on July 3rd of 1776.  They never teach the Declaration of Independence right, anymore? It doesn’t get taught.  You know why?  It is a revolutionary document and we have government schools. Government schools are not going to teach revolutionary principles. Ok? They are just not going to teach what our heritage is. And where we came from. But one of the most important principles put together in the Declaration of Independence actually legitimized and made the legal argument for the existence of the United States. Jefferson said it was time for the United States to assume its place among the powers of the world according to the laws of nature and of nature’s God. If we don’t have some power that is greater than man, we are destined to use it as the guiding light and guiding principle that we are governed by the rule of men.  So the country was actually founded upon the laws of nature and of nature’s God and that explains the entire existence of the country.  Anybody that says that’s not true has not read the Declaration, and they don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to know."

Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church Chicago - February 4, 2022 


Dave4AG on Health Care Right of Conscious (Watch)

(Background: With the passage of Senate Bill 1169 (SB 1169), Gov Pritzker and his legislators attempted to usurp the exclusive power of the judicial branch of government. In less than 24 hours, from October 25-26, the first (HFA 2) amendment to the original shell bill, similar to what was ultimately passed, received over 50,000 witness slips in opposition. On October 27, the bill was amended again by Illinois House Floor Amendment 3 with no substantive changes, likely so that it could be sent to the Illinois Senate without having all those opposing witness slips attached. Constituents took notice, and within only a couple of hours filed tens of thousands of witness slips in opposition to SB1129 as amended.  What they didn’t admit, is that Senate Bill 1169 was meant to confuse the people of Illinois and coerce them into complying with mandates that they have no legal obligation to follow. Only the courts have the power to interpret statutes.)

Dave’s 10/31/21 remarks highlighted:  That the state claims 50k witness slips were “bots” is simply untrue. In 1977 the state granted more and greater religious freedom.  The current governor is attempting to limit HCRC freedoms. The act itself doesn’t protect group rights, it protects individual rights. Those who voted in favor of are in fact pro-discrimination and anti-minority by attempting to repeal freedoms in the act. “The smallest minority of any people is the individual. Attacking the rights of an individual, you cannot be properly called in favor of minority rights. You are actually anti-minority rights when you remove the rights of an individual.”

Democrat senators doing so say it is on the advice of the current AG; who also told State Board of Elections they don’t have to follow the law.

The Attorney General Act – first duty of the Act is to represent the people.  The current AG is representing the government against the people.

Pay attention to the judicial elections.  



Protesting at Supreme Court homes, federal law violation, and first response threat

Fire Engineering magazine editor Frank Ricci is joined by Dave Shestokas, to talk about protests in front of U.S. Supreme Court justices’ homes, how this could affect the fire departments’ response, and why this is a violation of federal law. Watch here: 

Fire Engineering Frank Ricci safety and federal law protesting at Supreme Court homes  

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