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Meet David Shestokas 2 Minutes - PBS Voter Guide David Shestokas

Meet David Shestokas, 

Cook County Native, Constitution Protector,

 Attorney for the People

Dave was born and raised in the Clearing neighborhood of Chicago, Cook County.  He graduated high school in LaGrange, and after obtaining his undergrad degree returned to live in Lemont, for 30 years. There he served as a Lemont Library Trustee for nine years. As Treasurer during construction of Lemont’s first stand-alone library, he held bringing the project in $150,000 under budget, then in his final term was chosen as President by his fellow board members.  He knows what it’s like to make payroll as he was a President of his family’s 60+ year small businesses in Chicago before he became an attorney. 

Dave earned a BA from Bradley University in 1975, studied comparative legal systems at Trinity University, Dublin Ireland, and earned a Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School, cum laude in 1987 (serving on The John Marshall Law Review, and awarded The Order of John Marshall).

David Shestokas has been admitted to practice law before the Illinois Supreme Court in 1987, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in 1988, the Supreme Court of Florida in 2004, and the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida in 2006.

Private Practice and Prosecutor

Mr. Shestokas founded the Law Office of David Shestokas in November, 1987. After practicing in areas such as criminal defense, corporate law, real estate, and business financing, he later served as Assistant State’s Attorney for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago, IL, from 1994 to 1998, involved in over 10,000 criminal prosecutions. There, he also worked on the Felony Review Unit, participating in police investigations and making charging decisions in over 400 felony matters. His practice today continues to focus on civic defense causes, and election integrity.

Constitution Subject Matter Expert

In 1992, after the Republic of Lithuania regained its independence from the Soviet Union, Shestokas joined attorneys of Lithuanian heritage from around the world as a member of the First World Congress of Lithuanian Lawyers. The Lithuanian President, government officials, and the Lithuanian Bar worked with that Congress to restore the rule of law and a constitutional government after four generations of Soviet occupation.

Dave is a respected national expert, traveled speaker/educator and frequent guest on many media outlets regarding America’s founding documents mirrored in today’s world. For three years he hosted his own show “Constitutionally Speaking” on radio, and has a podcast “Constitutional Sound Bites”.  He has authored three books:  Constitutional Sound Bites,  Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales (The only properly translated Spanish work on the U.S. Constitution) and Creating the Declaration of Independence.  

 Election Integrity 

From candidate to counselor to law enforcement official, Dave has been involved in elections and its law for over 30 years. He served with the National Republican Senatorial Committee during elections in Georgia, Florida, represented the President and testified before the PA Senate in 2020. He is working with Judicial Watch as counsel in Illinois Conservative Union v. Illinois State Board of Elections (probono). He’s served as a Hearing Officer with the Chicago Board of Elections and is on the IL GOP State Central Committee for Ballot Integrity.

Civic, Charity, and Professional

David’s pro bono work for civic and charitable organizations is long standing and ongoing. Along with volunteering at Amicus Polinae (American Polish assistance) he has served the Salvation Army providing pro bono legal services for the homeless.  David has also given his time at the Quality Life Center to educate at-risk youth about the values ingrained in America’s Founding. At the start of and during the pandemic he donated court costs and fees providing pro bono services to Standing in the Word Ministries, Morris IL, protecting the church successfully, without incident, to be deemed an essential service as it remained open for its parishioners and others the entire duration.

He is a member/advisor to the following: Advisor @ Heartland Institute, Republican National Lawyers Association, Senior Fellow @ Illinois Conservative Union, Associate Member Polish American Congress, Illinois Division, Senior Advisor United Southland Republican Women’s Network.

Pledge to Truly Represent the People. 

There are millions of Illinois citizens who have family history or personal experience fleeing communism, or oppression otherwise.  These voters especially have a special understanding of the danger of what our country is facing.  Dave’s own grandparents fled Lithuania after their siblings were murdered by communists.  These voters, as people that ran to freedom, know Dave will truly fight to protect all our families with our American rights.

The Attorney General is Illinois’ chief law enforcement officer. Experience in enforcing the law and a proven commitment to the legal system that protects our freedoms are qualities citizens should seek in their Attorney General. Dave is not seeking the office as a stepping stone to some higher office.  He views the office as none higher than being the People’s Lawyer, and reframing the balance of the people’s voice beyond his  tenure. 

Priorities as Attorney General that Dave would Address Immediately  

  • Resolve lawsuits by citizens filed against the state alleging failure of the state to comply with existing law and establish policy of working with citizens rather than litigating against them. Prioritize attorneys and staff in the office that their first duty is to represent the people, not the government.
  • Reassign staff attorneys to monitor local prosecutions and criminal investigations. At no additional taxpayer expense, where necessary take over those prosecutions needed to protect Illinois citizens.
  • Regular involvement statewide with law enforcement monitoring the effects of proposed and existing legislation on their mission, and establish a hotline for law enforcement officials.
  • The Illinois Attorney General Act also directs that it is to prosecute election offenses. David as AG will keep this principle a priority of his office.It is critical to providing legitimacy to everything else that government does.
  • Illinois Family Action Spotlight Shestokas Announces

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