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Meet David Shestokas, attorney general candidate

Meet David Shestokas Aattorney General Candidate Prairie State Wire 22 0404

Meet David Shestokas, attorney general candidate

Prairie State Wire By Glenn Minnis

Monday, Apr 4, 2022  David Shestokas is clear about the issues fueling his Republican run for Illinois Attorney General.  

“Crime and safety is a huge concern for Illinois citizens due to the policies of ‘woke’ prosecutors around the state (not only Kim Foxx in Cook County) who refuse to prosecute crimes endangering the lives, safety and property of Illinois citizens,” Shestokas said on his website. “The Illinois Attorney General has the authority to prosecute cases that local state’s attorneys refuse. As Attorney General, David Shestokas will redirect assets currently being used against Illinois citizens (such as the Illinois Conservative Union case) to monitoring local prosecutors.”

Shestokas is also on record about his goal of restoring what he views as “constitutional values” to the office, including reprioritizing where and how the agency makes use of its resources. 

“Dave decided to run because as counsel for the Illinois Conservative Union (ICU), he filed suit against the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) to vindicate the rights of ICU leadership under the National Voter Registration Act,” Shestokas’ website adds.

The aforementioned lawsuit requests that ISBE adhere to federal law by providing ICU with voter data needed to ascertain if the state board (ISBE) is in legal compliance with voter roll maintenance.

Now residing in Orland Park, Shestokas was born and raised in Chicago and began his public service by serving nine years as a Lemont Library Trustee, including in the role of treasurer during construction of Lemont’s first stand-alone library, a project that ultimately came in $150,000 under budget. Later, fellow board members moved to install him as president.

A lawyer by trade, Shestokas has also served as a legal arbitrator in Will and Cook Counties, as conflicts counsel for the Cook County Juvenile Court system and as an Assistant State’s Attorney with the Child Protection Division of Cook County Government, where he was involved in more than10,000 criminal prosecutions.

Shestokas earned his BA from Bradley University and also studied comparative legal systems at Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland, before earning his Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School, cum laude in 1987. With a private practice focus on Election Law/Election Integrity, he has also served as a Hearing Officer with the Chicago Board of Elections, a Republican National Lawyers Association Commissioner and with the Florida 2016 National Republican Senatorial Committee. In addition, he testified before the Pennsylvania Senate on election matters 2020.

Shestokas is also widely viewed as a national expert and traveled speaker/educator on America’s founding documents, podcast host and author of such books as Constitutional Sound Bites and Cápsulas Informativas Constitucionales (The only properly translated Spanish information on the U.S. Constitution).

As AG, Shestokas has vowed to prosecute crimes now being ignored by local state’s attorneys.

“While the Illinois Attorney General Act directs that the first duty of the AG is to represent the people, (not the governor or the government), the fourth duty in that list is to prosecute election offenses,” his website adds. “David has been involved in election integrity issues for many years and understands that elections are the vehicle designed to obtain the ‘consent of the governed.”’

Shestokas lists his top priorities as resolving lawsuits by citizens filed against the state alleging failure to comply with existing law, establishing the policy of working with citizens and reprioritizing existing assets of the office to criminal investigations, monitoring of local prosecutions and doing what is called for to protect citizens.

With more than 130,000 followers in total across social media, Shestokas is urging voters to like the pages for David J. Shestokas, Attorney at Law and Constitutionally Speaking.  


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